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    It’s NOT the PUSH it’s the PULL

    Posted on: November 3rd, 2014 by READS Web Admin

    Long gone is the so called “tyrannical” rule wherein top management pushes and spoon-feeds the lower end of the organizational chart. An increasing percentage of work done today mainly depends on discretionary effort which is “the life blood of today’s economy” as Tammy Erickson, McKinsey Award-winning author, would put it. […]

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    Leadership Practices of Successful Entrepreneurs

    Posted on: August 17th, 2014 by READS Web Admin
    paradigm global

    One framework on leadership which was developed by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner describes how entrepreneurs function as leaders of their businesses. The Leadership Practice inventory includes five behavioral dimensions that are observed among successful entrepreneurial leaders. The five dimensions include: Challenging the Process Peter F. Drucker, a great management […]

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