• Who We Are

    Company Milestones

    In the almost 30 years of its existence READS Management Consulting has evolved from a one-man business in a small office in Makati to an organization with the breadth and depth of experience in providing consulting services to companies across industries using a tried and tested process called READS.

    Bing Rogelio B. Daradar left his comfortable position in one the country’s leading Management consulting company in 1987 to found his own business, a management consulting firm named after his three older children. Denver, Theosky, Faye and Associactes, Inc (DTFAI) was born with the vision of helping companies run their business. In the first few years of its existence, DTFAI focused energies in serving the companies in the Visayas and Mindanao area, providing Business and Organizational Consulting Engagements to companies like Mabuhay Vinyl, Ma. Cristina Chemicals, Panay Electric, Florete/Radio Bombo Group, Iligan Steel, Pryce Hotel and St. Paul’s Hospital to name a few.

    Business Consulting Engagements

    Sales/Marketing Customer Profiling, Account Management, CSM, PR and Marketing Communication, Channel Profitability and Analysis, Product Portfolio Analysis, Direct Mail Campaign (outsourcing), Sales Process Simplification
    Operations Matsushita’s PHP Quality Leadership Model, TQM, TQC, TQL, Time and Motion Study, Business and Process Re-engineering, SPC, Motorola’s Six Sigma Certification Program, 5S, Work Simplification
    Finance/Accounting Receivable Management System, Setting up Accounting Systems, Financial and Business Analysis for Business Improvement
    Planning Strategic Planning, Business Planning and Operations Planning, Organizational Planning, Marketing Planning
    HRM Executive Search, Training and Education, Curriculum Design, Development and Implementation, Business Organization and Management Alignment Program, Work Redesign, Job Evaluation, KASHE Assessment, Strategic HR Alignment, Succession Planning

    Organization Management Consulting Engagement

    Leadership / Goal Setting Leadership Challenges and Alignment, Change Management
    Strategy Design and Development Organizational Performance Management and Strategy Development, Planning and Implementation, Quality Improvement and Tools
    Structure (Equity, Organizational, Physical) Organizational Restructuring and Reengineering Organizational Alignment,
    System (Business system, Organizational system, Management system) / Process Business Systems Design and Development, Business Systems Engineering, Process Improvement, Reengineering, ISO Lead Assessment
    Culture and People Corporate Quality Leadership, Sales and Service Quality Culture, Culture Transformation, Strategic People Philosophy Development and Execution

    The 1990s brought growth to DTFAI. From a single proprietorship, Mr. Daradar brought in David McKenna, Edward Kolber, Sue Manthey and Odette Jimenez as DTFAI’s incorporators. With these changes, DTFAI moved from the Visayas/Mindanao market to focus on the top 1000 companies in Metro Manila, particularly those in the Financial Service industry. The new market required DTFAI to enhance market perception through business development and alliances. This move brought in alliances with London Business School, The Open College, De La Salle Professional School, Ateneo Professional School, PQP Association, and PHP Matshushita Institute. It was in the early 90s that DTFAI found its foothold in the industry with clients such as EAC Graphics, Pilipinas Bank, Wise & Co., Dharmala Finance and Trust, Home Bankers Corporation, IBM, ADB, PCI Bank, National Bookstore, Bank of the Philippine Islands, Hotel Dusit, Land Bank, Philippine National Bank, Development Bank of the Philippines, Amkor Annam, Fujitsu, Rhone Poulanc, Unilab Glaxo, Pfizer, Primer, Rustan’s, Pioneer Insurance, American President Lines, Jebsen International and Aboitiz Jebsen Inc., Maersk Lines, etc. engaging DTFAI for Business and Organization related interventions.

    By 1994, DTFAI moved to a bigger office in the Greenhills, San Juan area. What began as a one-man business grew three times its size, employing 53 individuals and with several subsidiaries under its wing, namely The Denver Group, The Faye Group and its research and publishing group, Theosky Publishing House.

    In 1997 when the Asian Financial Crisis hit the region, DTFAI’s three foreign investors pulled out. DTFAI once again had to evolve, from the late 90s to the early 2000s. It was in the early 2000s that DTFAI embraced change by becoming DTF Consulting Network, Inc. Having survived the crisis, DTF once again rebuilt itself with new alliances and partnerships. The advent of the 21st century was marked with partnerships with Motorola University, ePIP, and Ikeda Shinichi/PHP Institute. As DTF Consulting Network, Inc, new relationships were built and new clients became part of the growing list of companies that trusted the DTF service, including Bank of Commerce, First Philippine Holdings, Union Bank, Bayantel, PLDT, Globe, Ericson, Aboitiz, IPPI, Bankard, PCI Capital, PCIB Leasing, Security Bank Card, and PDIC to name a few.

    But change was not yet through with DTF Consulting Network, Inc. DTFAI’s evolution was yet to find its form. With new markets to reach, a new vision and mission to guide its way, the departure of two directors again, and a need to return to the basics, was indeed in order. What was once a corporation returned to becoming what it was from the very start, an entrepreneurial endeavor. Mr. Daradar who took a three year Sabbatical with yet a dream of serving the Top 1000 markets and the Middle Markets, as well as a persistent desire for reaffirming the power of the READS (Research, Education, Alignment Deployment and Surveillance) process, returned to take the helm of the company and emerged with what is now, READS’ Management Consulting Company, with the following subsidiaries: The Denver Group, The Faye Group, OSM and MiiScan Philippines. READS Management Consulting is looking forward to further growth as it builds its subsidiaries into brands that deliver distinct services to its identified markets and spaces.