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    We are more than just a technology company.

    Miiscan was founded in 2010, has offices globally and currently holds patents and has patent pending on a wide variety of mobile payment processing services. It is a mobile commerce solutions company with an advanced technology platform that enables merchants and consumers to conduct mobile marketing and sales transactions in a convenient and safe way using any smart phone, credit card or bank account.

    MiiScan’s technology breaks new ground by allowing consumers ti use their smart phones to respond and interact with advertising on television, newspapers, magazine and even radio, with powerful new ways of monetizing existing advertising through an interactive mobile service that delivers digital coupons, incentives and loyalty points.

    MiiScan’s mobile apps have advanced privacy and security features that protect the consumer’s sensitive payment card and other personal information in their interactions with advertisers and merchants.

    Best of all, MiiScan is engineered to be easy to implement and use without any upfront technology investment. Service plans are designed to provide small, medium and large enterprises with powerful new mobile marketing capabilities.


    • Increase sales and consumer engagement
    • Fast and easy online merchant set up
    • No specialized hardware required, works with any smart phone
    • Competitively priced transaction processing services
    • Safest mobile payment service in the industry
    • All transactions are PCI compliant


    • Media Services allows easy integration with existing marketing and promotional programs (print, digital, television, radio, etc.)
    • Incent customers with our advanced Digital Couponing services
    • Generate qualified Sales Leads
    • Process sales orders anywhere, anytime
    • Works on iPhone, Android and Blackberry
    • Works with any credit-card, debit card or chequing account


    • Reads Management is locally in partnership with MiiScan Global and MiiScan Philippines through Baguioro Asia Corporation, whose current President and Country Manager is Mr. Jay B. Baguioro. Visit https://miiscan.com/ for details.